The Standard Procedures Performed in Annual Physical Pet Exams

When do you think is the right time to take your pet to the vet's office for a checkup? Are you aware of what will happen upon your visit? As pet owners, you need to be acquainted on the procedures that will be performed by the doctor. Running a medical examination to your pets allow you to determine whether they are feeling any sort of sickness or not at all. The information below will delve on the standard procedures apart from Pet Vaccinations Kentfield that veterinarians do during the annual physical exam for your pets:

Taking your Pet's Temperature

Getting the temperature of your pet is one of the vital parts of a pet physical examination. If you have a pet dog or cat, you must know that the normal temperature of cats and dogs fall in from 100 to 102.5 degree Fahrenheit. Signs of pet ailments are not often shown physically that is why vets often obtain their temperature to know if they are feeling some sort of sickness and they need further examinations.

Skin and Fur Examination

Skin and coat examination is also necessary, this will allow vets to know if there is a proper care given to the pets and that they did not accumulate parasitic organisms like fleas and ticks. This type of examination also permits the vet to know if there is something wrong with your pets by checking if the skin is dry and fur keeps falling off. For pets with skin that doesn't look healthy, vets would often suggest for a meat-based diet compared to a grain-based diet. After some time, the skin of your pet will surely look better and much healthier.

Checking for Possible Ear Problems

One of indicators of a healthy ear is a smooth skin that is free from any wounds. Ears must be free from dirt and it should not be dry and smelly. Ear infection and allergy can be easily detected with those things mentioned earlier. But of course ear infection will usually begin in the ear canal. If you are able to bring your pets at the vet's office for a regular checkup then they'll be able to determine if your pet needs ear medication plus this also prevents bigger problems and bigger expenditures. Reputable vets would often advice pet owners some ways they can keep the ears of their pets clean more so prescribe necessary medications if there is a need to do so.

Checking of the Eyes

The eyes of your pet is one of the sensitive parts that requires grave attention that is why vets usually check the interior structure of your pets' eyes. True enough, pets rarely experience eye problems but as a proactive approach you have to make sure the vets are able to conduct an examination with it. If your pets are fond of playing on grassy lands chances are they will experience eye irritations or if pollen and dust get into their eyes, other than eye irritations there are no other eye problems you can expect so Learn more here.
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